A Bright Outlook for Orlando, Florida Means It’s the Right Time to Invest

A Bright Outlook for Orlando, Florida Means It’s the Right Time to Invest

Posted on: December 8, 2016

As we regularly highlight in our quarterly reports, Florida’s economy is strengthening and growing, a trend evidenced through many intersecting factors, such as population growth, declining unemployment, and new developments in Florida infrastructure.

It’s the perfect time for investors interested in diversifying their portfolios to consider investing in US commercial real estate – particularly in the Orlando, Florida area. This area is on an upward trajectory that is likely to continue.

On that note, we would like to share a few recent articles with you that showcase the positive economic position of the Orlando, Florida area:

A detailed analysis of the Florida Population report, covering population trends and their economic impact. Important findings include that Florida’s population grew 1.84% in the past year and that jobs are the number one reason people are attracted to the state. In fact, Florida’s job growth rate was 3% in the past year (which is equal to 244,500 new jobs).

Florida population expected to reach 20.7M this year

Orlando has a boom of infrastructure investment, one of which is the new transportation system: the Brightline train project. The train will make inter-city travel easier, with the first line running in the South Florida stretch between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

Brightline train project moving full-steam ahead

Another example of Orlando’s investments in infrastructure is the new wellness community being developed by Tavistock Development Company, which will include roughly 11,000 homes as well as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, retail centers, entertainment locales, schools and colleges, and recreational and sports training facilities.

Orlando’s Latest Theme Park Is a City for Wellness

Orlando earned the top rank for the best place in America to retire. This article links to the complete report, which shows Orlando taking in the top spots for activities, affordability, and healthcare.

Study: Orlando and Tampa rank as best cities for retirement

With Orlando, Florida’s economic recovery in full swing, now is the time to invest. The commercial real estate investment opportunities of the present will not last forever, so investors should take advantage of the current market’s bright outlook and potential for significant capital appreciation.

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