Managing Your Florida Investment Property from Abroad

Managing Your Florida Investment Property from Abroad

Posted on: July 24, 2013

Tenant Management

Investing in a rental income property in another country can seem daunting. How do you manage tenants and maintain your property to enjoy a stress-free investment?

To succeed, you need experienced investment partners to help you select the right rental properties as well as a professional property management team to protect your investment and maximize your returns.

At MSR Holdings Inc. we specialize in turn-key Florida investment properties that deliver NET returns of 8% – 10%. Our properties have tenants already in place before you buy and we continue to manage both the tenants and the property until you choose to sell. MSR Americas makes it easy for you to benefit from rental income property profits without ever having to learn how to be a property manager.

What Our Property Management Covers

Our property management team will ensure your investment is properly maintained, decorated, and repaired. We work directly with your local Home Owner’s Association to resolve issues and participate in decisions for the community that are beneficial to your property value.

We are also fully responsible for tenants. We advertise, interview, and select tenants on your behalf. And best of all, your tenant will contact us directly if they have inquiries.

If a tenant eviction is ever warranted, then it is our responsibility to resolve it. We follow the guidelines for the Eviction Process for Orlando Florida. We take the necessary steps to prevent an eviction, but we will follow through with the process when necessary and quickly secure a replacement tenant.

MSR takes care of the entire tenant and property management process so you can comfortably take advantage of the opportunities to create long-term wealth.

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