MSR Holdings is Now DMCC Holdings Inc.

MSR Holdings is Now DMCC Holdings Inc.

Posted on: April 20, 2018

DMCC LogoSince its inception in 2005, MSR Holdings Inc. has been creating exceptional returns for its partners and investors across Canada, the US, Asia and Europe through direct participation in commercial real estate opportunities. During this journey, we established close partnerships with our investors, who have continuously challenged us to expand our capabilities, build on our strengths in commercial real estate, and help guide our evolution towards the next generation of real estate capabilities and investment offerings.Driven by this market demand, we are excited to announce we will be rebranding under a new corporate entity, DMCC, in early 2018. The transition from MSR to DMCC is a reflection of the successful transformation of our organization and within it, which embodies the four pillars of our success across the spectrum of real estate. They are:

Creating the very best urban communities through the delivery of commercial, residential and industrial projects across North America. Through joint ventures and other collaborative structures, we practice ingrained values such as integrity and honesty combined with the adoption of innovation in design and build techniques, which act as the foundation to all our development activities.


Professional internal and external management of properties through tenant alignment and exceeding expectations through actively managing tenant resolution. Adding value to commercial properties through improved tenant selection, maintenance management and lease negotiations. Adoption of technology to allow for more efficient fault reporting and management reporting provides for increased response time and decision making.


Investing in commercial real estate with immediate cash flows and the opportunity to increase value. Vertical market analysis, geographical strength, market expertise, in-house property management combined with values such as integrity and ethics are all aligned to place our investor returns first and foremost. Providing investors with framework options such as offering memorandums and private placements to better support investments.  


Relying on decades of both a depth and breadth of extensive expertise allows us to act as trusted advisors to our clients by helping them navigate complex real estate transactions. Our consulting philosophy is designed to help our clients make tough decisions, capitalize on market opportunities and develop action plans that are realistic and designed to achieve results. This capability covers a broad spectrum of services including complex bespoke real estate deals to project cost control management.

What does this mean for investors?

The transition to DMCC will allow our investors to participate in new and innovative options to create value and achieve financial security through commercial real estate investments.

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