See Our New Drone Video of Alderwood Medical Office Building!

See Our New Drone Video of Alderwood Medical Office Building!

Posted on: December 2, 2016

Explore the Details of Our Latest Commercial Real Estate Opportunity

The projected return on investment on this property is 15% – 22% per annum. Over a 3-5 year investment timeline, we expect the value of the property to increase by $1.5 Million.

Alderwood Medical Office Building is an excellent opportunity for investors to take advantage its high 10.2% cap rate, and benefit from the future upside of cap rate compression as rental rates continue to increase and the economy strengthens.

The building is currently 89% occupied, providing further opportunity to unlock value and create significant equity uplift for investors by leasing the vacant space at market rates and generating additional rental revenue.

MSR Holdings specializes in profitable commercial real estate investment opportunities in the US. To receive more detailed information or to participate in this unique real estate investment opportunity, please contact us. Call us at 1-866-995-2929 ext.4 or via email at

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