Smart and Simple Property Investment: An Overview of MSR Americas

Smart and Simple Property Investment: An Overview of MSR Americas

Posted on: May 9, 2013

Florida Investment PropertyThe low cost of Florida real estate is a great opportunity for Canadians looking to gain monthly rental revenue and a greater return on investment; however, buying property in another country can be confusing and complicated. How do you know which neighbourhoods to invest in? And how do you manage tenants when you live far away? If you’re interested in a Florida rental income property investment, then MSR Holdings Inc. is an option for you. Here is what we do to simplify the process:

We Find It

Profitable Florida investment properties are homes or condos that are occupied all year; vacation rental properties are more difficult to manage and maintain and can remain vacant for several months. MSR helps you invest in rental income properties that generate you income every month. We simplify the buying process by identifying quality Florida foreclosures and short sales in attractive communities in the Orlando area. If you choose to invest with the MSR Holdings team, you’re getting experienced real estate investment advice from a team that understands Florida’s housing market. You enjoy 100% ownership of the property and receive NET rental income returns of 8%-10%.

We Rent It

MSR Americas makes the homes and condos we invest in rental ready and the properties are secured with locally employed long term tenants before you buy, so you can see a return right away. We also know that setting up utilities, insurance, property tax, and Home Owner Association fees can be time consuming, so we create and manage all of your accounts. We also help you set up your U.S. bank account to deposit your rental income into; funds can be easily transferred to your Canadian account at any time. If income taxes are a concern, we can refer you to one of our cross-border tax specialist partners who can share their expert advice with you. As the homeowner and investor you’ll receive quarterly financial statements and deposits that detail your rental income, disbursements, and your net profit.

We Manage It

With MSR Americas you’ll also have a property manager on your side to update you every step of the way. We oversee the purchase process but we will also handle the maintenance of your investment. When rental contracts expire, we renew tenants or find replacement tenants as well as maintain your accounts, take care of the property, and always inform you of any changes.

MSR Americas helps you with your investment property from start to finish, so we’ll also advise you when it’s the right time to sell and be there to help you through it. Start the discussion with one of directors today and we’ll send you information on investment properties and the buying process.

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