Turnkey Commercial Property Investments: Welcome to MSR Holdings

Turnkey Commercial Property Investments: Welcome to MSR Holdings

Posted on: March 27, 2015

Investing in commercial property can proWelcome to MSR Holdingsvide long-term income for investors, but it can also result in high losses if not handled correctly. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time investor, our diligent and disciplined approach can help you find investments that earn a higher-than-average return. We help commercial real estate investors with the whole investment process, from finding the right deal to selling the property when the time is right.

Over the last five years, MSR has experienced exponential growth in its real estate investments, unlocking value from over $40m in residential and commercial properties both in Canada and the US. We have an experienced management team who knows how to find undervalued properties and navigate the terrain of foreign investing in the USA to help our clients see maximum returns.

Canadian & American Investments

Our privately held company has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, however, we also operate out of Florida in the USA. MSR offers fully managed property investments, and we go the extra mile to assist investors with opening US bank accounts for the transfer of rental income deposits. If you invest in American commercial property you can easily transfer your profits to Canadian funds at any time. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about not getting it right. We’re experienced in creating the most lucrative opportunities for our clients on both sides of the border.

Find It. Rent It. Manage It.

Our strength is finding properties that are undervalued, or that have an untapped earning potential. We use our proven approach to consistently bring investors opportunities to grow their portfolio while earning higher-than-average returns. We work in a number of markets to find these opportunities, which can include but are not limited to hotels, office buildings, retail plazas, medical buildings, and multi-family apartments.

MSR provides turnkey solutions, meaning we take care of the entire tenant and property management process from finding tenants to general upkeep. We have a dedicated property management team that takes care of any repairs, maintenance, or tenant concerns in a timely manner. You’ll even receive quarterly financial statements and deposits that detail your rental income, disbursements, and your net profit. We make the whole process as hassle-free as possible!

How We Optimize Property Return

MSR Holdings Inc. specializes in profitable commercial real estate investments; our fine-tuned approach allows us to find investment opportunities that offer a combination of positive cash flow and capital appreciation so that our investors can earn a better-than-average return on their investment over the long term. In short, our experience management team knows how to spot a property that isn’t reaching its earning potential and help it reach that potential for our clients.

A few of the ways we add value to real estate investments include the following strategies:

  1. We improve the way the property is managed.
  2. We find more reliable tenants/tenant that are willing to pay market-price rents.
  3. We re-zone or make additions to existing properties to increase its value.

MSR Holdings simplifies the buying process. If this interests you, we can help you become established in the US market, and we consistently provide higher-than-average returns. We are with you throughout the whole investment process. That means we take care of finding new tenants whenever contracts end, maintain your properties, and advise you on when it’s time to sell. If you’re looking for a positive cash-flow opportunity, we invite you to request a free consultation with one of our directors.

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