Welcome to the “Renaissance in Florida’s Holiday-Home Market” – The Observer

Welcome to the “Renaissance in Florida’s Holiday-Home Market” – The Observer

Posted on: February 11, 2013

rennaissanceProperty investment in Florida continues to thrive in 2013, according to a recent article in The Observer.

Market Upturn

Good news for new investors, home prices in Florida remain appealing as an investment opportunity.

The influx of international investors is rejuvenating the US housing market, and there are many new properties being built with the hope of attracting international buyers. Right now is the ideal time to invest, as the value of investment properties will likely continue to increase steadily as the market is reinvigorated.

A Florida property bought in 2013 will appreciate in value in the coming years.

Buyer Trends

The housing business is picking up for Florida, and the value of property investments is on the rise. International buyers who want a second property they can rent out for extra income are increasingly common, with Brazilians, Canadians, Norwegians, and Chinese at the top of the list.

These investors are fueling America’s housing recovery, and driving market conditions. Only highly qualified buyers are able to enter the ownership market, evidenced by the increase of buyers who pay for their properties with cash. Mark Shore, a real estate agent in Florida, reports that two-thirds of his customers buy their new properties with cash.

Highly qualified buyers protect against the conditions that led to the crash of 2007, leaving us with a promising outlook for growth in 2013.

MSR Americas has long known the value of Florida rental investment properties and consequently targets established, liveable communities for our clients, who enjoy consistent net rental revenue of 8 to 10% returns on their investment and the potential for significant capital appreciation.

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