What to Look for when Choosing a Community for an Investment Property

What to Look for when Choosing a Community for an Investment Property

Posted on: November 28, 2012

locationWhat’re the top three considerations when choosing an investment property?  Location, location, location!  While this has become a bit of a cliché, there’s little doubt that carefully selecting the right location for an investment property, particularly in Florida, can substantially impact your ROI.

MSR Americas knows that guesswork should not be part of the equation when selecting an investment property.  We also understand the fundamental difficulty in determining just what separates a quality community worth investing in from a high-risk one.

Here are three of our due diligence considerations when selecting worthy investment properties in Florida for our clients:

(1)    Centrality: We carefully investigate our communities for investing so that the overall risk is minimized.  We zero in on established middle-class neighbourhoods that are centrally located.  Easy access to primary transportation routes, like highways and public transit lines, add to the appeal of a newly renovated property for renters, and ensure a high caliber of renter.

(2)    Abundance of Tenants: MSR Americas always buys in extremely rentable communities where rents are steadily increasing because of desirability of the neighborhoods for family demographics.  We have  an impressive record of renting out all of our clients’ investment properties within four weeks of renovating them.  We rent to character tenants with consistent employment histories.  Vacancy rates in these targeted communities are low to non-existent.

For additional peace of mind, MSR carefully screens tenants and then signs them to twelve-month leases, at minimum.  We ensure that our clients’ investment properties are rented to established locals, not tourists, and so obtain steady rental income without interruption.

(3)    Walk Scores: MSR Americas targets communities with high Walk Scores, the index of convenient walkability to cultural amenities, restaurants, and shopping.  In doing so, our clients’ investment properties have a stronger chance at achieving better than average rates of capital appreciation.

Strategically targeting areas with high Walk Scores also means that these communities are safe communities, which consequently encourages capital appreciation and ensures consistent incremental revenue growth for our clients.

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