Frequently Asked Questions:

How does MSR Holdings select the properties?

At MSR Holdings, we acquire commercial real estate investment properties where we can unlock significant value and which are poised to benefit from economic recovery. 

While we expect capital appreciation to occur over time, there are several factors by which we select properties:

1.     A high cap rate, that in the correct market situation will fall, increasing the value of the property.

2.     Changing the tenant class to increase rents and the value of the asset.

3.     Choosing properties in areas that are poised for growth.

Will I have to travel to Florida?

It is optional but not required. The majority of our Canadian clients prefer to complete the entire transaction remotely.

How do I receive my net rent?

If you do not already have a bank account in the US, we can facilitate the opening of a bank account for you to which we can transfer your net rent.

Will I receive a cheque or will it be deposited in my account?

Your net rent from your Florida investment property will be directly deposited into your U.S. bank account on a quarterly basis.

Who is responsible for tenant management?

Through our property management agreement, we are fully responsible for tenant management.

What happens if a tenant leaves?

As part of our management agreement we will find a replacement tenant.

What if there is damage to my investment property in Florida?

As part of our property management agreement, we will manage the restoration to prepare the property for the next tenant. We will also seek damages from those responsible and/or insurance (we make sure your properties are covered by homeowners insurance). However, our tenant selection process and the communities we invest in help mitigate the likelihood of poor tenants.

As a Canadian, how would I structure a U.S. property investment?

Every investor’s tax situation is different. We encourage you to seek advice from a qualified tax accountant or speak to our partners at Real File CPA. From our experience, we’ve found that the purchase is a straightforward transaction. You may choose to purchase the property through a company or in your own personal name.

Do I need to file taxes in the US if I own an investment property in Florida?

Yes, we can facilitate the necessary paperwork. Depending on how you structure your investment, you can offset U.S. taxes against Canadian taxes. Again,we encourage you to speak to our partners Real File CPA for all your questions regarding cross border taxes.

What are the tax implications of selling my Florida income property?

As with Canadian tax laws, U.S. capital gains tax will apply. However, depending on your investment structure, there may be an opportunity to take advantage of a tax deferral strategy. Again, we recommend that investors speak to a qualified tax accountant. You may also contact our partners at Real File CPA for all your tax related inquiries.

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