MSR’s Investment Philosophy

MSR Holdings invests in below market commercial real estate properties that have the potential to unlock hidden value. Our expertise allows us to choose properties with a significant opportunity for:

  1. Immediate cash flow
  2. Capital appreciation

We partner with our clients on our investment properties. We typically retain 50% ownership while our investor clients can enter the investment starting at 5% ownership. Our 50% investment stake ensures prudent management of every investment property we offer.

We make it easy for our clients to invest in this asset class because we take care of issues such as property maintenance, finding tenants, and understanding tax implications of investing in a property in a different country.

MSR Holdings specializes in the US and Canadian markets though we are currently focused on commercial properties in the US as they have more potential for growth as we foresee the nation’s economy recover a result of their increasing potential for growth in a recovering economy.

How We Unlock a Property’s Value

There are numerous ways we may unlock the potential of an investment property and, in turn, increase its value. Some methods include:

Changing management: We have expertise in assessing cost and rental potential. We can improve the way a property is managed and make it more profitable for the owners.

Changing tenants: Finding the right tenants for an investment property is incredibly important. We find reliable tenants who will treat your investment like it is their own.

Distressed properties: Our strong partnerships with companies in the construction and skilled trade industries allow us to efficiently manage the transformation of the property.

Re-zoning: Sometimes an investment property could become more profitable once it has had its legal status or designation changed, whether it is from residential to commercial or vice versa. We know and understand the underlying factors and are able to assess the potential profit gain early on in the investment process.

How We Take Advantage of Capital Appreciation

Understanding the fluctuating real estate market is our most important job. We analyze market trends tirelessly to find the commercial property investments best positioned to benefit from economic recovery and growth.

With over 60 years of combined industry experience, our executive team is able to identify the best commercial property investments in the US and Canada.

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