Why Invest In Florida

There are several fundamental criteria that MSR AMERICAS uses to evaluate investment opportunities. The Florida opportunities share the following fundamentals:

Value and capital appreciation potential:
Florida investment properties provide both immediate cash flow and significant capital appreciation opportunities over a five to seven year investment horizon. Total returns on investments over this period may approach 150 per cent. This is possible due to the current undervaluation of Florida properties where the cost for purchase is on average $45-50 per sq. ft., which is approximately half of what newly built properties would cost to build today.

Exchange Rate Differential:
The Canadian dollar has recently reached historic highs against the US dollar. This may not be sustainable. However, buying investment properties in Florida at current exchange rate levels will benefit from future strengthening of the US dollar.

Economic Fundamentals:
The underlying economic fundamentals of the Florida community itself are strong. MSR AMERICAS invests in pockets where fundamentals, such as job opportunities, stable communities, and transport are particularly prevalent.

Cash return:
The investment property must generate an immediate and beneficial cash return – typically between eight and nine per cent.

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